MENTOR Consultancy, Training & Development

ICC Documents

1.LC Mechanics & Application of Uniform Custom & Practice (UCP 600)1-day
2.Understanding & Application of Incoterms, 20201-day
3.International Guarantees & Standby LC (ISP-98)1-day
4.Uniform Rules for demand Guarantee (URDG-758)1-day
5.International Standard Banking Practices  (ISBP-745)1-day
6.Uniform Rules for Collection (URC-522)1-day

SBP Foreign Exchange Manual,2020

1.Regulations of Private Remittances1-day
2.Regulations of Commercial Remittances1-day
3.Import Business & Regulations in Pakistan1-day
4.Export Business & Regulations in Pakistan1-day
5.Regulations on Private Foreign Currency Accounts in Pakistan1-day
6.Portfolio and Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan1-day
7.Reporting of Transactions to SBP & Submission of Returns (ITRS)1-day
8.Regulations on Inward/Outward Remittance & PRI1-day
9.Regulatory Requirement for Insurance Business in Pakistan1-day
10.Avoidance of SBP Penalties under section 23K of FERA 19471-day
11.Ecommerce & Digitilization of Trade in Pakistan1-day

Miscellaneous Programs

1. Foreign Exchange Operations – For Beginners 1-day
2. Trade Finance Products & Services for Global Markets 1-day
3. Regulatory Framework of Foreign Exchange in Pakistan 1-day
4. Reporting of STR For Trade Transaction – GO AML 1-day
5. Correspondent Risk – Risk Associated & Their Mitigate  1-day
6. Pakistan Import & Export Policy Orders -2022 1-day
8. Foreign Currency Accounts Regime in Pakistan 1-day
9. Methods of Payment in International Trade 1-day
10. Logistics Transportation & Shipping in International Trade 1-day
11. Documentation Process in International Trade 1-day
12. Framework for Managing Trade Based Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing 1-day
13. AML/CFT Latest Legal & Regulatory Requirement for Financial Sector 1-day
14. AML/CFT Compliance for Non-Banking Financial Sector Organizations(NBFCs) 1-day
15. Managing Risk in International Trade 1-day
16. SBP Mandatory Requirements for Import & Export 1-day
17. International Insurance Business & Regulations in Pakistan 1-day
18. International Trade Finance Tool and Techniques 1-day
19. Audit of Trade Transactions & Risk Mitigation techniques 1-day
20. Export Overdue & Adjudication Framework in Pakistan
21. Pakistan Customs initiatives -WeBOC & Pakistan Single Window (PSW) 1-day
22 Risk based Letter of credit & Mitigations Techniques’ 1-day
23. Afghan Transit/border Trade with Pakistan & Associated Risk 1-day
24. Digital Transformation Masterclass 1-day
25. Trade Based Financial Crimes – Latest Developments 1-day
26. IFRS 9 financial Instrument 1-day
27. Microsoft Excel (Intermediate to Advanced) 1-day
28. Microsoft Power BI + AI 1-day
29. Effective Transaction Monitoring System 1-day
30. ACAMS Prep Courses 1-day
31. CGSS Prep Courses 1-day
32. Mastering Productivity And Performance 1-day

SBP Incentive Schemes

1.  SBP Export Finance Scheme (Part-I&II) 1-day

HR Development Skills

1. Leadership1-day
2. Decision Making1-day
3. Emotional Intelligence1-day
4. Time Management1-day
5. Power of Ethics and Morality1-day
6. Customer Commitments and Keys for Creating High Customer Service Culture1-day
7.  Work Place Harassment1-day
8.  Negotiation Skills1-day
9.  Conflict Resolution1-day
10.Stress Management1-day
11. Building High Performance Team1-day
12. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion1-day
13. Power of Positive Attitude & Personality Empowerment1-day
14. Leadership, Teamwork, and Managing Change1-day
15. Team Building and Motivation1-day
16. Performance Management System1-day
17. Whistle Blowing1-day
18. Fair Treatment of Customer1-day
19. Power of Ethics and Professionalism1-day
20. Mastering CV writing and Interviewing Skills1-day

Commercial Banking

58.Deposit Mobilization1-day
59.Products and Services1-day
60.Agriculture Credit1-day
61.Agriculture Financing, Marketing Techniques and Credit Processing1-day


62. Basic Insurance practices in Pakistan 1-day
63. Fundamental of Insurance 1-day
64. Risk Management Practices 1-day
65. Glossary of General Insurance terms 1-day