MENTOR Consultancy, Training & Development


Our aim to motivate and equip both individuals and organizations to realize their greatest potential by providing top-notch HR Services, and training & development programs. Our focus is on delivering creative and forward-thinking solutions that foster personal and professional advancement, boost efficiency, and elevate market appeal in today’s evolving environment.


Our goal is to help organizations get the most out of their workforce by providing expert training and consultancy services. We are committed to delivering innovative, data-driven solutions that will help improve the skills, knowledge, and productivity of employees, enabling them to achieve their goals and drive business success. Our focus is on unlocking the potential of individuals and teams, which in turn empowers organizations to achieve their goals and make a positive impact.


As training service providers and business professionals we are committed to: Care, Compassion and Respect of fundamental importance to us as training service providers/business professionals are care, passion, and respect for the educative well-being and dignity of all those we will train and mentor.

Quality and Excellence

Our highest priority is quality and the services we provide.  We continually strive for excellence and are committed to evidence-based improvements.

Competence and Knowledge

We ensure that we have the knowledge, skills and tools to respond to service needs and improve the competency levels of the workforce and leadership population, now and in the future.

Partnership and Collaboration

We recognise that delivery of training facilitation is complex and relies on the connection and collaboration of many.  We work in partnership and share responsibility with our colleagues, clients, communities, and government organisations to integrate services and improve continuous education.

Integrity, Accountability and Ethics

We fulfil our duties and obligations and honour our commitments to each other and every person we serve.  We communicate with openness and honesty.  We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in our work and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

Creativity and Innovation

We fill needs creatively and seek new ways of looking at glitches.  We support advancements in education and training by seeking, facilitating and promoting learning, research and education.

Pride and Recognition

We value everyone’s contribution and commitment to excellence.  We demonstrate pride in self and our organisation.


We fashion programmes to recognise and accommodate the unique needs of our very diverse population.


We must be wise in balancing the services we provide with the resources available in order to ensure a sustainable system.  We invest in what is effective in meeting needs, and we ensure that services are managed with efficiency.